A Comparison of Classroom Management: A Study of American, Russian, and Turkish Schools


  • Andrey Koptelov Sam Houston State University
  • Robert Manninger Sam Houston State University
  • Sam Sullivan
  • Patricia Williams Phi Delta Kappa International Chair


Classroom Discipline, Teacher Stress, International Classroom Discipline


Classroom management issues for teachers have direct implications on teachers and students. This study focused on comparisons of classroom discipline problems in the state of Texas, in a Russian province, and in a school in Turkey. The study analyzed how similar or dis-similar the classroom discipline issues are of these three different cultures, and what effect this might have had on the level of stress for teachers. The surveys were conducted electronically using a survey that collected quantitative data that was used for comparison. This study found that discipline issues are very similar, and often-times the same for teachers in these three very different regions of the world. There were eight items, of a total of twenty-four, that reported agreement between at least two of the countries surveyed. The data also revealed a few differences due to the nuances of the cultures that were studied.

Author Biography

Sam Sullivan

Sam Houston State University