Community-level Impact of a Female Empowerment Program in Uganda

  • Lindsey Coleman Texas A&M University
  • Manuel Piña
  • Silva Hamie
  • Tessa Davis
Keywords: Uganda, Empowerment, girls, community, development


This paper is an evaluation research of community level impact of a female empowerment program in Uganda. Purpose of the research was to “assess and evaluate the impact of the GPP [Girl Power Project] at the community level in communities served by schools where the GPP has been implemented...”. GPP is a three-day workshop for 11-15 year old girls to learn leadership and life skills. The researchers conducted semi-structured interviews with 139 community members from seven stakeholder groups across 17 communities. Groups were JLMC staff, Community Legal Volunteers (CLVs), Girl Power Advocates (GPAs), teachers, parents, and untrained others. The stakeholders observed increased confidence in their communities, increased communication and confidence to communicate between parents and children in their communities, increase in attendance and a decrease in dropout rates, increased gender equality, and an overall increased capacity in their communities to respond to violence against girls.