Chinese University Professors' Perceptions about Counseling Services


  • Chi-Sing Li Sam Houston State University
  • Yu-Fen Lin University of North Texas Dallas


counseling, stress, coping strategies, college students in China, college professors in China


Over the past three decades, the rapid growth in China’s economy has generated
radical changes in the Chinese society. The availability of counseling services was
brought to the attention of educators in public schools and universities to resolve
present-day challenges. Since counseling is considered to be a Western practice, little is
known about the popularity of counseling services in universities in China. In addition, no
research has been conducted to glean the opinions of counseling services from Chinese
university professors. The purpose of this study is to explore the perceptions of university
professors in China on counseling services provided for students on campus. Seven
professors from various disciplines were interviewed individually about their perceptions
of counseling services on a university campus. Several themes emerged such as
stressors of university students, coping strategies of university students, and
ambivalence toward counseling services. The themes helped to explore the values and
beliefs about counseling, and the stress and coping strategies of Chinese students from
the perceptions of seven university professors.