Development of the Guidance Counselors' Occupational and Life Satisfaction Scale


  • Irene G. Bustos Central Luzon State University


The study focused on the development of a scale to measure the occupational and life satisfaction of Filipino Guidance Counselors and it is called Occupational and Life Satisfaction Scale (OLSS). A mixed method was used in the study. There were two phases of the study namely, Data Generation and Items Construction which included content validity and reliability, and Implementation wherein the instrument was administered. Respondents of the study consisted of Guidance Counselors who were randomly selected from schools in the different levels in Regions 1, 2, 3, 4A and the National Capital Region. Five experts in the field of Guidance, Research and Testing were requested as Q Sort respondents and three Guidance Counselors were asked to review and revise the items. The instrument yielded a .723 reliability index. Results showed that the best predictors of occupational and life satisfaction was Educational Attainment and Professional Status. Guidance Counselors were found to have a Satisfied level according to OLSS. The study can be of good use in the hiring process, in the review of some provisions of the Guidance Law and in the guidance and counseling practice as a whole.