SEL: Short Activities, Big Impact



Social-emotional learning, skill development, classroom management, community building


This manuscript identifies the importance of social-emotional learning to build a positive classroom environment. The need to enact a method that is effective but also time-sensitive is examined. The benefits of enacting activities to improve social-emotional learning that can be conducted in a short amount of class time are discussed.

Author Biographies

Arren Swift, University of West Georgia

Dr. Swift has 11 years of experience teaching high school social studies. He has three years of experience in higher education. He is an assistant professor of social studies education at the University of West Georgia. His research focus includes social studies education, project-based learning, and active learning. 

Amber Godwin, Sam Houston State University

Dr. Godwin is an Assistant Clinical Professor at Sam Houston State University. She earned her Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from Texas A&M University in 2015 and joined SHSU in 2018. Her research aims to develop critical thinking experiences for learners and explore interventions that enhance social studies education. She was previously employed in both Florida and Texas school systems as a teacher including AP World History and AP European History curricula. She has served as an essay scorer for AP College Board, a question writer for Albert, and a contractor for McGraw-Hill, York, and National  Geographic Learning.