A Collection of Case Studies Regarding International Development


  • Brianna Teal Texas A & M University


Education, International Affairs, Technical Skills, Current Events


This case study collection began as a group project for the course ALEC 644-600, the Agricultural Advisor in Developing Nations. Interviews and group discussions were conducted in Fall 2014 with Returning Peace Corps Volunteers and Texas A&M faculty possessing international project development experience to compile a collection of critical incidents they encountered, which enabled or impinged the diffusion of an innovation. The purpose of this collection is to expand the knowledge base of future international project development advisors through experienced-based lessons learned and to establish a written resource of case studies that future students, faculty, and Peace Corps Volunteers can utilize to prepare for work in developing nations. Each case study includes: a background, a clear statement, and questions to promote thought and discussion about the critical incident. The results section is a narrative of the action taken to respond to the incident. This collection will be presented on a world map and organized into a color-coded key with the following categories: Education, International Affairs, Technical Skills, and Current Events. Each case study on the map will include a synopsis of the critical incident in order to demonstrate the variety and universality of development challenges to the audience. This product is unique in that it is the only primary source of its kind for studying critical incidents in development scenarios. We intend to expand this notion by establishing a Case Study Club at Texas A&M, and invite students from external institutions to provide critical incidents relevant to international project development. 





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