The Globalization of Performance-Based Music Education


  • Jennifer Siler Sam Houston State University


Globalization, band, orchestra, choir, performance-based, music, technology, strategies, ethics


There is a noticeable lack of globalization in performance-based music education that does not address the needs of a fundamentally changing society. The purpose of this study is to investigate the current state of globalization initiatives in performance-based music education and record ideas for future curriculum globalization along with the elements necessary for implementation.

Participants in the study were interviewed in person or via teleconference, addressing twelve questions regarding the current practice and future predictions about global initiatives in their curriculum. Responses were recorded via field notes. There are twenty participants in the study.

The major emerging themes in the study were:

  1. Currently, music educators implement globalization through music programming.
  2. The two main needs for further globalization implementation are time and resources.
  3. A major factor in determining globalization initiative success is the prioritization of the initiative by the school’s administration.

Conclusions of the study and implications for the projected needs of performance-based music educators are discussed.